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$100/month + tax
Key FOB access 4am -11pm
Join the community and get unlimited access to the gym.

No scheduling. No contract.


Get paired with one of our coaches!

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Weight Loss

  • Powerlifting

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Sport specific training

Rates vary by coach and package

Personal Training
Our Story


Something from Nothing


When we were training out of a makeshift gym in a garage during the winter of 2020, we found that we wanted more. We wanted a place not just for ourselves but an entire community. We wanted a space that we were comfortable to train. We didn't want to be ostracized for dropping weights or using chalk. We wanted a space where we could be encouraged to learn, to lift heavy and not be restricted in training. We wanted a space that was for the community, and of the community. We saw that this was possible, so through pure force of will, we did it ourselves.


​Our good friend Johnathan O'Brien found an unused spot of Toronto that was the perfect size with room to grow. Johnny took us to the spot, and it was an 80 year old building that had been abandoned and forgotten for 30 years. We opened her up, took a look at the work ahead of us, and got to work. It was a four month long renovation filled with raccoons, rot, rewiring, and reworking. For the entire journey we never stopped seeing the potential.


​Now, the hard labour is done and we have something that came from nothing. We have a space were the community around us says "I'm so glad this place is being used." We have a space where we can build one another up and grow together. We have a space for the community, and of the community. We're so happy and honoured to be here.


Workshops are $35 for members or $60 for non-members.
Every month will have new workshops.
You're even welcome to host you're own!