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Welcome to
Back Alley Barbell

Where do I start?

If you're unsure what next steps would be best for you, feel free to come by for a tour to check out the space.

  • 15 min

Interested in learning how to lift but don't know where to start? Our Foundation series of workshops are designed to teach you the fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting or Powerlifting.

Interested in one-on-one, individualized training? 
We have a team of coaches that will work closely with you on your specific goals and schedule.


Personal Training

Browse our coach bios and learn more about our approach.

Quick FAQs
Is personal training right for me?

We’re biased. We think that personal training is right for everyone. Whether you want to learn from the ground up, brush-up on existing knowledge, have someone to keep you accountable, or train for a specific goal, our coaches have the brains and braun to help you out.

Are the Foundations workshops beginner friendly?

For sure! We’ve set up our Foundations series of workshops to be a great space for beginners to learn the basics.

Are the classes beginner friendly?

Yes! We have classes for beginners, intermediate lifters, advanced lifters, and athletes. Our coaches who run the classes are more than ready to work with beginners. Since classes run once a week, they are a great resource for those who want to learn, lift, and be kept accountable at a regular cadence.

What’s the deal with memberships?

Membership is a month-to-month expense. You’re not locked into a contract and can cancel your membership (or put it on pause) at any time, without being charged a fee. All we ask is 10 days' notice (in advance of your next invoice) for any membership changes. We are a 24-7 gym. As a member, you get a key fob that gives you access to the gym 24/7, including holidays.

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