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Back Alley Barbell

Strongman or "Strength athletics" is a strength sport which tests competitors' strength in a variety of non-traditional ways.
Want to lift heavy rocks or toss kegs? Strongman training is for you!


We are a strongman gym

If you are looking to train strongman for strength, athletic carry over to other sports, or to compete in a local meet. You are in the right place.

We carry the best equipment, the best vibes, and are flexible for your schedule and budget.


Get open 24hr membership to train whenever, join a fundamentals workshop to learn, or join us for weeklyteam training.

Expect a welcoming community of new lifters and world class athletes.

Where do I start?

If you're unsure what next steps would be best for you, feel free to come by for a tour to check out the space.

  • 15 min

Interested in learning how to lift but don't know where to start? Our Foundation series of workshops are designed to teach you the fundamentals of Strongman.

Workshop and class Packages:

  • Strongman - Starter Package

    This is the place to start strongman. Includes 1 foundations workshop and 4 classes.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Fundamentals workshop
    • 4 sessions for the weekly strongman class
  • Best Value

    Strongman: 4 Pack + 24hr gym access

    Every month
    Complete package to get everything you need
    • Will's Strongman Class
    • Foundations of Strongman
  • Strongman: 8 class pack

    Two months of STRONGMAN!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Will's Strongman Class

Equipment Gallery

Don't see something? We probably haven't got to putting it up yet on the site! Send us a message or come by to check everything out.

Team Training

Want to train with a coach and a team?

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Train with others.
Train like you mean it.

Team training comes in two flavours here. Guided and unguided.
You can come train with us weekly via open membership.
You can be paired with a coach and get even more out of training.

Learn how to train safely and how to train hard. 

We can teach anyone from the ground up.
Want to compete? We got you covered. We have in-house for-fun meets and we also bring people to local, provincial, regional, and national meets.

Want to Join our Strongman team?

Meet our Coaches


William Harriman

Welcome to your first steps towards a stronger you. My name is William, a results-oriented Certified Personal Trainer, Barbell Strength Coach, Conditioning Coach as well as Pn1 Nutrition Coach, I am committed to turning your aspirations into achievements. With a track record of guiding clients to their strongest, fittest self, I am excited to help you on your journey.

With over 6 years of training clients and over 12 years in the gym. My expertise lies in strength, muscle building and fat loss and keeping it off, I understand that the challenge can be daunting and discouraging with subpar results while you put in a lot of energy and time into the gym. My clients get their results from custom tailored programs that match your lifestyle, whether that be working in the office doing a 9 to 5 that has never seen a gym looking to feel better to a strength athlete who is looking to crush the next lifetime PR. Here is the best part, There is no secret to any of it, the basics work best only if you do the basics best and that is how I help all my clients get to their goals.

My approach is simple, to get you into the gym, start working and eating right, break down or adapt to any roadblocks in our way to your personal goals.

So are you ready to take the first step towards a stronger, healthier, fitter you? Let’s get started and design a fitness roadmap tailored just for you.

His certifications include:

  • Personal Training Specialist - Canfitpro • Movement Mastery - Exercise Therapy Assocation

  • DTS Barbell Strength Coach

  • DTS Conditioning Coach 

  • DTS Low Back Pain Specialist

  • Pn1 Precision Nutrition Coach

  • Strength Systems International Level 3

Quick FAQs
Do you have calibrated plates?

Yes! Both calibrated plates for Powerlifting and for Olympic Weightlifting.

Do you have a combo rack?

We have tons of racks you can work in, but we also have a Powerlifting combo rack for squats and bench.

Can I videotape myself?

Of course! We’ve got three camera stands just for that. Heads-up though that, despite their best efforts, people may walk in front.

Can I bring in equipment?

Yes, please do! Just know that if it’s a large piece of equipment, staff will have to approve it first.

Do you have clubs/Teams?

Yup! We’ve got a Powerlifting club, Olympic Weightlifting club, and Strongmand club. If you’d like to start your own club, just reach out to us so we can collab.

Do you run in-house competitions?

Absolutely! It's important to work towards a goal. Official competitions can be intimidating so we run bi-annual Mock Comps as a way to encourage members & non-members to get into the competitive scene in a comfortable environment.

What’s the deal with memberships?

Alright, let us give you the spiel. Membership is a month-to-month expense. You’re not locked into a contract and can cancel your membership or put it on pause at anytime without being charged a fee. All we ask is 10 days notice of the change in advance of your next invoice. We are an open hours gym and as a member you get a Key Fob that gives you access to the gym space from 4am - 11pm, everyday of the week including holidays.


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