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Welcome to
Back Alley Barbell

Where do I start!?

If you're unsure what next steps would be best for you, feel free to come by for a tour to check out the space and chat with Lizzie, our Gym Manager.

  • 15 min

Quick FAQs
Do you have calibrated plates?

Yes! Both calibrated plates for Powerlifting and for Olympic Weightlifting.

Do you have a combo rack?

We have tons of racks you can work in, but we also have a Powerlifting combo rack for squats and bench.

Can I videotape myself?

Of course! We’ve got three camera stands just for that. Heads-up though that, despite their best efforts, people may walk in front.

Can I bring in equipment?

Yes, please do! Just know that if it’s a large piece of equipment, staff will have to approve it first.

Do you have clubs/Teams?

Yup! We’ve got a Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting club. If you’d like to start your own club, just reach out to us so we can collab.

Do you run in-house competitions?

Absolutely! It's important to work towards a goal. Official competitions can be intimidating so we run bi-annual Mock Comps as a way to encourage members & non-members to get into the competitive scene in a comfortable environment.

What’s the deal with memberships?

Alright, let us give you the spiel. Membership is a month-to-month expense. You’re not locked into a contract and can cancel your membership or put it on pause at anytime without being charged a fee. All we ask is 10 days notice of the change in advance of your next invoice. We are an open hours gym and as a member you get a Key Fob that gives you access to the gym space from 4am - 11pm, everyday of the week including holidays.

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