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Coach on your own terms

Looking for a space to bring or find more clients?
Back Alley Barbell has the cheapest rates in Toronto!

Session rate: 

  • Starting at $17.50/session


  • No contract terms

  • No minimum session count


  • No scheduling

  • Client referrals

  • You manage your own clients and payments
    OR we can manage it for you

  • Access to all gym equipment

  • Bring your own equipment

  • Summer BBQs

  • Coach and member collaborative environment

How Does this work?

Fill out the form below, then drop by and say hi!


We will need you to be  accredited and insured.

After you join, you can bring your clients by any time!

At the end of the month, we will need you to report your session count.

You can get clients on your own and via the group chat where we share client referrals.

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1175 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON Canada


(647) 514-2235


Thanks for submitting!

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