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Meet Our Coaches


Jason Fernandes


Jason is creator and owner of the Performance Pro Health, dedicated to Personal Training, Sport Specific Training and Rehabilitation to bring about a balanced way of life – in and out of sport, and before and after injury. With his philosophy of training he has worked with people of all levels, including pre and post-rehabilitation patients, pre and post-natal women, amateur and world class professional athletes, as well as beginners to the world of fitness and well-being.

Jason is dedicated to taking beginners and athletes to a new level of training in all areas of life and sport. His company incorporates all athletes of all levels. Having been a National level athlete in both Track and Field and Swimming for over 12 years he has extensive experience and knowledge of sport from all levels. Jason has worked with many sports organizations of all levels such as Hockey Canada, Tennis Canada, the National Badminton team as well as individual athletes from all sports from amateur to the world-class level.

Jason is certified by the Canadian Fitness Professionals as a Personal Training Specialist and a Certified Fitness Consultant from the Ontario Association of Sports and Exercise (Oases). As well he is certified as a Core Specialist for sport specific training, and a Sports Performance Specialist from the Canadian Association of Science and Exercise Professionals (CSEP). He graduated from the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program at George Brown College with Honors.

Jason believes that each client is individual and their goals’ need to be targeted specifically to motivate and challenge them on every level. He works closely with each client to develop a unique program that focuses on their strengths and weaknesses to achieve a balance in the body, whether that is in a sport environment or working towards a healthy lifestyle change.

If you have any questions about any aspect of training, please feel free to ask him at any time. He looks forward to working one on one with you towards your goals.

Feel free to reach out to Jason if you have questions, or are ready to begin at:
Performance Pro Health



Kat Ermolenko

Kat is a strength coach specializing in women’s health and fitness. Having graduated with double majors in Biology and Psychology at the University of Toronto, she provides a holistic approach towards her clients’ fitness journeys.

With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, she has coached provincial-level athletes in tennis, swimming, and synchro to the casual gym-goer. She has taught many strength training classes to get people feeling stronger, more stable, and moving pain-free.

Kat designs programs that prioritize longevity, and scale load and intensity appropriately. She wants to ensure her clients can enjoy strength training well into old age.

Her certifications include:

  • Pre- Script L1

  • NSCA – Women’s Fitness Specialist

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (Candidate)

  • Precision Nutrition L1 (Candidate)

Feel free to reach out to Kat if you have questions, or are ready to begin at:


Nick Munro

Nick specializes in Olympic Weightlifting and has been involved in the sport since 2017. They are heavily involved in the Ontario Weightlifting Association as a coach, athlete, technical official, and head of the Gender Equity Committee. They have coached a wide range of athletes from individuals just starting weightlifting to those competing at the provincial level. Nick is passionate about helping others grow for their sport, their goals, and themselves. 

To get in contact with Nick for in person training (privately or in a class), online coaching, programming, or any questions you may have, email


His certifications include:

  • NCCP Competition Development (In-Training)

  • First Aid

  • CPR-C


Meg Desmond

Meg is a personal trainer, spin instructor, and powerlifting coach based in Midtown Toronto. In the past, she’s coached everyone from teenagers to retirees, and Meg is more than comfortable working with people of all ages and fitness backgrounds. Whether your goal is to get to CPU Nationals, compete in your first meet, or simply move more and find a fitness program that you enjoy, Meg can give you the help you need to get there!  

Growing up, she played high level hockey (girls AA) and soccer (provincial/OYSL). As a university student, Meg became interested in weight training. She began as a bodybuilder but soon found that she far preferred training hard and lifting heavy to dieting and trying to look a certain way. Meg fell in love with powerlifting and competed  for the first time in a local meet at Fortis Fitness, placing first in her weight class and age group.

Whether you just want to chat about a shared love for lifting or are interested in trying me out as your coach,  feel free to shoot Meg an email:


Graeme Gentle

Graeme derives a lot of enjoyment from being able to do things he wants to do, and from first hand knows this comes from his daily investment in his health. Training has always been a part of his life. From a young age he was quite active in competitive sports and really enjoyed it, not because it was good for him but because he found it fun and challenging. As he got older and wiser, he realized the important role training plays in longevity and ultimately the enjoyment he gets out of life. Consistent progressive training (weight/gym training and sports) has not only kept Graeme healthy but has kept him looking & feeling good. One of his reasons for training was to increase sports performance, yours may be to get strong, get fit, lose fat or rehab an injury. No matter the reason, you’ve come here to invest in your health and Graeme is more than happy to help.

List of Credentials

  • FRC Mobility Specialist

  • PN-1 - Precision Nutrition LV 1

  • Olympic Weightlifting (Kanama)

  • Lower Body Joint Mobility (Agatsu)

  • Sport Management (Humber)

  • OTA (Online Trainer Academy)

  • CPR


Mike Palka

With eight years of coaching experience running MP FIT, Mike has worked with a wide variety of clients from competitive weightlifters/powerlifters to running beginner level strength and conditioning classes. Whether you want to get strong, train for a specific sport, or just want to look good and feel healthy, Mike’s got you covered.

His broad experience as a coach, coupled with his own struggles and accomplishments as an athlete, taught him a wealth of knowledge in terms of strength training, mobility development and workout planning. If you are serious about training, he will help you reach your goals.

Feel free to reach out to Mike if you have questions, or are ready to begin at


  • Fitness and Health Promotion (George Brown College)

  • PTS Can-Fit-Pro

  • CPR

Areas of focus:

  • General Strength development

  • Olympic weightlifting

  • Powerlifting

  • Mobility

  • Metabolic Conditioning

  • Aesthetic Development


Vanessa Orford

Vanessa  is a Strength Coach and the owner of VWELLNESS Training Toronto. She loves training; either herself or her clients, and it is immediately shown in her day-to-day interactions with not only her clients, but the community of people in the gym.


Teaching her clients and leading them to success is something Vanessa is very passionate about. If you want to learn proper exercise technique, and how to train and eat to fuel your goals, V’s got you. She will teach you how to push yourself physically and efficiently, and how to build healthy habits that will lead you to your goals with a strong and compassionate presence. 


Vanessa can claim almost ten years of experience in the field with hundreds of clients served.  Her hope is that what you learn with her stays with you for life, just like it has for her.










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